Hire with Your Head : Using Performance-Based Hiring to Build Great Team

Hire with Your Head : Using Performance-Based Hiring to Build Great Team

Hire with Your Head : Using Performance-Based Hiring to Build Great Team

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Business leaders, managers, and hiring professionals who fail to take a long-term strategic approach to hiring in today’s rapidly changing business world will face a perpetual staffing crisis. You may be understaffed one day and overstaffed the next; the problem is, you won’t be intelligently staffed with the right people in the right places at the right times.

If you want to be intelligently staffed, you have to hire with your head. Seize control of your talent supply chain, just as you have with other critical resources. That means you need the kind of systematic approach Lou Adler offers in this book.

Throughout most of the industrial era and until recently, the dominant staffing model for most employers was based on longterm, full-time, on-site employment relationships. But in today’s quickly changing marketplace, where employers can never predict what is just around the corner, the old-fashioned, stable, til-retirement-do-us-part employer-employee relationship just doesn’t fit. The key to continued success for companies today is the ability to adapt rapidly to new circumstances—staffing may have to expand rapidly in one skill area, or contract rapidly in another—or do both at the same time. Staffing strategy must be geared to face this reality.

People in today’s workforce want to know what you want from them today, tomorrow, next week, and next month and exactly what you have to offer them in return. Create a compelling recruiting message by answering the fundamental question people want answered: “What’s the deal?” To be effective in today’s labor market, you need to be communicating that message through an aggressive and year-round effort to a wide range of well-chosen candidate sources. Why? If you attract an applicant pool that is sufficiently large, you can be very, very selective when it comes to the ultimate hiring. You must be prepared to implement a rigorous selection process that is all about collecting proof that potential hires have the skills they need to get up to speed and start contributing right away.

What you’ll find in this book, “Hire with Your Head : Using Performance-Based Hiring to Build Great Team”, is a step-by-step process with detailed instructions for taking a logical, systematic approach to getting the right new-hire in the right place at the right time every time.

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